glow up bundle

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begin your glow up journey with our luxurious plant-based skin series.

if you’re looking to experience the ultimate glow up transformation, this is the bundle package for you. each bundle includes our liquid gold face mask, luminous cleansing toner + whipped face butter moisturizer.

· save $2 on our small bundle
· save $7 on our regular bundle
· save $12 on our large bundle

the mask

includes raw honey to exfoliate skin, heal breakouts + brighten dark spots. black seed oil shrinks pores, while raw turmeric gives antioxidants that reduce redness. blended with coconut oil to hydrate skin + naturally build collagen.

the toner

a blend of 100% alcohol-free witch hazel + cold pressed natural aloe vera to even skin tone, reduce inflammation + hydrate skin while clarifying. infused with organic rose water to balance skin’s delicate PH, with hints of lemongrass, tea tree + chamomile to calm breakouts + redness. finished with droplets of golden turmeric essential oil + natural gold mineral mica that absorb into skin for a gentle glow.

the moisturizer

formulated with over 50% aloe to nourish skin with light + clean moisture. whipped with raw shea butter to smooth imperfections + raw honey to protect against bacteria. sweet almond oil + grapeseed oil offer nutrients that soften + strengthen skin. finished with organic rose water to balance skin’s delicate PH + essential oils like lemongrass, bergamot, lavender + sandalwood to heal skin + prevent breakouts.

cruelty free · plant-based · organic · paraben free · eco-friendly

honeyglow is an all natural, organic + plant-based skincare line hand-crafted in small batches to ensure freshness in every drop. designed with sensitive skin in mind, this luxurious skin series possesses anti-inflammatory, ultra-moisturizing + PH-balancing properties to nourish + hydrate your skin for a natural, radiant glow. we bottle each paraben + cruelty-free product in high-end, eco-friendly glass + bamboo because we believe in being kind to both your skin + the earth. 

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