liquid gold face mask


liquid gold for your skin.

organic plant-based facial mask that gently nourishes skin, in time revealing a natural radiant glow. this luxurious soothing blend includes raw honey to exfoliate skin, heal breakouts + brighten dark spots. black seed oil shrinks pores, while raw turmeric gives antioxidants that reduce redness. blended with coconut oil to hydrate skin + naturally build collagen.


*organic raw honey, *organic vegan glycerin,*organic cold pressed black seed oil, plant derived wax, *organic unrefined cold pressed coconut oil, *organic raw turmeric powder, *organic lavender essential oil, *organic lemon essential oil, *organic sandalwood essential oil, wild chamomile essential oil, *organic lemongrass essential oil, *organic tea tree essential oil, natural gold mineral mica
*USDA certified organic ingredient

how to use

  1. remove all makeup & thoroughly cleanse face. open face mask bottle by pulling top straight up & out like a cork; do not try to twist off.
  2. using a popsicle stick or honey dipper, stir and apply a quarter size amount of face mask to skin from chin to hairline. avoid double dipping & always clean applicator tools with hot water between uses to prevent any cross-contamination of bacteria or dead skin cells.
  3. allow mask to settle into skin for 15-45 minutes.
  4. in a steamy shower, massage mask into skin in circles while allowing warm water to fully rinse it off.
  5. glow like honey.

*for optimal results suggested use is at least 1-3 times a week

*TIP: Best to apply just before showering — turmeric can be messy to wash off at the sink!

cruelty free · plant-based · organic · paraben free · eco-friendly

honeyglow is an all natural, organic + plant-based skincare line hand-crafted in small batches to ensure freshness in every drop. designed with sensitive skin in mind, this luxurious skin series possesses anti-inflammatory, ultra-moisturizing + PH-balancing properties to nourish + hydrate your skin for a natural, radiant glow. we bottle each paraben + cruelty-free product in high-end, eco-friendly glass + bamboo because we believe in being kind to both your skin + the earth. 

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